NEW!! 22-02-07: Posted by Monte, Malmo, Sverige.

GABBA had a great time at the Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes show, but have had to rescedule the show in Manchester. Have a look at the MySpace page for some hot photos of the last couple of shows in London.


18-01-07: Posted by Monte in London.

GABBA are playing their next gig on Groundhog Day at the Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes in London on Friday 2 February. Keep checking the MySpace page for exclusives, too.


29-12-2006: Posted by Stig Honda, London

GABBA returned to London on December 28th and conquered it. All of it. There's some X-Rated gig photos coming soon from the Nambucca show.

Meanwhile, there is a feature about GABBA in the new edition of Spin Magazine, from America.

A new gig has been announced in Manchester on 1 March. It features a burlesque dance group too. Bee Bee is almost certain to be arrested.

(Auditions for new bass players will be at 11am on March 2nd. Venue TBC)


22-11-2006: Posted by Monte A Malmonik, GABBA HQ

GABBA are playing London on December 28th, with some S*M*A*S*Hing Open Mouthed Benders. Sounds wild, so come join the party - you might pull a cracker.

In other news, GABBA were the victims of a recent internet slur that accused certain parts of their biography to be "lies". The band would like to state categorically that whatever Stig wrote about them is true, and no further legal investigation will be neccessary.


22-8-2006: Posted by Stig Honda (Professor), London.

GABBA returned for a Rock n' Roll Reunion at the Stay Beautiful Club in Camden, London. There's brand new fotos of the show for you to check out too, on the myspace page.


7-4-2006: Posted by Monte A Malmonik - New York, Noo Yoik

There are full length tracks for you on the GABBA myspace page. You can download both Hej Ho Disco & The Pinhead Takes It All, to enjoy in the comfort of your own basement whenever you like.

The band are working in isolation in Osaka, under Stig's super vision and, indeed, his supervision. To clear up a few rumours: 1) Stig has not married Anneky. 2) Bjoey has not married Stig OR Anneky 3) Bee Bee took part in a medical drug trial, and his head swelled to 3 times its normal size. It was a great success, and he can't wait for the next one.


27-10-2005: Posted by Monte Malmonik - New York, Noo Yawk

There's a feature in the new issue of France's premier muso mag "Guitar Part", all about your heroes. If you can read it, voulez vous send us a translation? GABBA don't understand French letters.

You can now buy the single "Gabba Gabba" on i-Tunes.


12-09-2005: Posted by Arturo Vaguer - Osaka, Japan

GABBA are back, and coming to a stage near you soon. The band have been in enforced hibernation at Osaka Rock n' Roll High School, as mad genius Stig Honda has tortured and teased his rejuvenated charges into shape for world domination.

Matters were complicated by Anneky's apparent retirement from music, following the dismal failure of her solo album and unexpected marriage to Uber-Fan, Benjii Svensson. Regrettably, Benjii was killed in a chainsaw accident while working in the basement at the couple's Swedish farmhouse, and Anneky has now returned to the fold to seek solace in Discopunk.

Bee Bee has been using his time to work on his solo rap project, under the alias Bee Bee Queen, but he proved to be an even worse rapper than people imagined, and he has also returned to be brainwashed and reprogrammed by Stig.

Geeky & Bjoey haven't spoken for almost 5 years. They find they work better together this way, while Abby has been reigned in and saddled with the job of beating like never before.

All of these GABBA escapades have been chronicalled in a movie, "End of the Sventury", which is currently being viewed by lawyers who are witholding its release due to "serious copyright issues". Amen.

The GABBA film that did hit the cinemas was a smash hit success though. "Gimme Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment At Midnite" won a series of awards, including Best Short Film at London's prestigious Portobello Film Festival.

Furthermore, the band began work on the hotly awaited follow up to "Leave Stockholm", with legendary knob twiddler Phil Smegma, but the project is currently on ice as Smegma is in jail on charges relating to a semi-automatic handgun, some rodents and a large bag of cocaine. Stig refused to pay the bail money.

"There's a fine line between stupid and clever..." - Stig Honda

News Archives charting the rise and fall and rise again of GABBA here.

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