In 1988, little Anneky enrolled and instantly became the star student at Osaka's Rock n' Roll High School. Professor Stig Honda adored his little Swedish songbird and set her a rigorous daily schedule of singing, composing and dancing with extra tuition in Winking Coyly At The Camera In A Funny Seventies Kinda Way, which, of course she absolutely excelled at. Everything was going splendidly until Geeky came along . . .


Geeky, in search of that elusive fourth chord that his uncle had taught him, and that he duly forgot, had enrolled just after Anneky. Stumbling across Geeky thrashing his guitar in an empty classroom one morning, Anneky found herself unable to resist the powerful pull of those three humble chords, and it was an irate Professor Honda who found his prize pupil, who he had lined up for a career in melodious, inoffensive pop, having a surreptitious pogo and gob to the strains of Geeky's guitar


Ignoring her protests that they were only experimenting, the professor sent them both down to the basement for detention, and it was there among the bust out old amps and frayed band costumes that they came across Bjoey, the college caretaker. Having spent so long in the dark, and performing his lonely, rather dull tasks around the building, Bjoey had developed his own special kind of Zen, and on meeting him, Anneky and Geeky were totally impressed by his cool disposition. They were to be even more impressed when he started singing. Such a killer voice! All louche slurring and "don't give a shit" attitude. Just the opposite of Anneky's open throated pop warble - and yet the two voices seemed to work so well together . . . Geeky had an idea . . . nah . . .


Meanwhile, having returned to live with his parents at an army camp just outside Osaka, Bee Bee, on a drug seeking bender, struck out for the Rock n' Roll High School, hoping to gain access to the school's chemistry labs where it was rumoured that Professor Honda kept a secret deposit of all known rock n' roll substances. Bee Bee wandered into a lecture, demanding, "I wanna freebase!" and was promptly handed a bass guitar and shoved off to practice. Bewildered, he assumed the band rehearsal he was thrown into was some new form of drugs rehab through musical therapy and he really let himself go. Exhausted, but impressed, he staggered back out onto the streets where he came across Abby loitering by the school gates.


She seemed to want to tag after him for some reason, making violent motions towards his trouser fly and asking for money. Bee Bee didn't know what the hell she was on about, and checking out her wayward perm and wonky make up, Geeky presumed that she was a full blown drug fiend and obviously even more in need of the musical therapy that he'd just been introduced to. He dragged her into the "clinic" where she immediately threw an angry fit and, banging everything in sight, she inadvertantly taught herself to drum. It was only a matter of time before Honda introduced our heroes and heroines to reclusive genius hit-maker, Phil Smegma, and became what is known as GABBA.


The rest is history... The rest is history... The rest is history... The rest is history...



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