GEEKY: Guitar

AGE: 28

HEIGHT: 5'9"

BJORN: Osaka, Japan

HAIR: Blonde. Thick as Pampas. Cut by a psychopath with a lawnmower.

LAST JOB: He was working as a waitress in a cocktail bar.


Geeky's father ran a glue factory in Osaka, Japan, and it was here, in the toxic fug of glue fumes, that the young lad choked his way through his formative years. It was his uncle, the factory's kindly manager & keen rock fan, who took pity on the mouthbreathing nephew, and taught Geeky four basic guitar chords, of which Geeky remembers three.Thankfully, he doesn't find the right hand a problem when it comes to thrashing his guitar, because the fast, repetetive motion is identical to what his right hand had to do when he toiled on the assembly line in the adhesive plant.
Unfortunately, it's not all good news on the glue front. It destroyed most of the useful brain cells in Geeky's skull and he grew up into an unpredictable soul, swerving between a mild, ever smiling, self effacing sweetheart, to a slavering beast in a nanosecond. And nobody can ever tell what might set him off .



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