BJöEY: Vocals

AGE: 29

HEIGHT: 7 ft 5 inches

BJORN: Queens, N.Y. U.S.

HAIR: Long. Brown.

LAST JOB: Janitor

MUSICAL INFLUENCES: T Rex, Buddy Holly, Eddie Cochran, Ronettes, Bay City Rollers, Ohio Express and all things Bubblegum.

Bjöey grew up in middle class, suburban Queens, Brooklyn. His early teens were spent hanging around drunk on street corners, shouting at people. A keen music lover, and not unambitious, he was determined to break out of his rebellious but ultimately pointless lifestyle, and he took off for Osaka, Japan, hoping to enrol in its famous Rock n' Roll High School. But, failing the rigorous entry examinations, he found himself having to take the job of caretaker of the institute, instead.



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