AGE: 25

HEIGHT: 5 ft 8

BJORN: St Pauli, Germany

HAIR: Bizarre! A kind of long black bob. Like a mediaeval lordling.

LAST JOB: Playing with the New York Trolls (but can't remember it)

MUSICAL INFLUENCES: Doesn't like music.

Bee Bee's father was a colonel in the US army and the family moved from one camp to another over Bee Bee's early years. A stern disciplinarian, Bee Bee's father ruled his children with a rod of iron. Bee Bee was a sensitive child and his escape route from the interminable paternal pressure to join the military was to run off to New York where he found himself playing in rock bands, an odd choice, since he doesn't really like music, but his personality (dumb, with a raging appetite for mind bending drugs) lent itself to being in a rock band.

After little success in New York, and missing the discipline he'd got so used to at home, Bee Bee went to Japan where his father had been posted and accidentally enrolled at Osaka's Rock n' Roll High School.



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