ANNEKY: Vocals

AGE: 24

HEIGHT: 5 ft. 6

BJORN: Jonkoping, Sweden.

HAIR: Long. Blonde.

LAST JOB: Au pair

MUSICAL INFLUENCES: The Wombles, Dolly Parton.

Anneky was raised in the scenic Swedish countryside. An angelic child, she taught herself to play piano and by the age of seven was already singing her self penned religious songs in the local church. Much of her early teens were spent touring the Swedish Folk Parks with a set of sweet, country influenced ballads that caught the attention of Sven Bobolssonn, who became her manager. Inevitably, they married. She was sixteen, he, forty two. A recording contract followed and Anneky released two singles, "La La La Svenska Flicka!" ("La La La Swedish Girls!") and "Volkommen Hoggenflas" a traditional folk ditty celebrating springtime and the appearance of Sweden's native white eared rabbits. It was inevitable that during the recording sessions, Anneky was to be exposed to other forms of music besides sedate country and folk. Bored of the folk parks and her middle aged manager husband, Anneky left Sweden to enrol at Osaka's Rock n' Roll high School.



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